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The Advantages of Routine Dental Checkups

Oral Health is Important

Benefits of Regular Dental CheckupsGood oral health should be a priority for everyone. Taking care of your dental health can protect you from all types of potentially serious oral conditions, such as gum disease.

People also need to understand that there is a relationship between dental and general health. You need to prioritise routine dental hygiene and checkupsHere at 123 Dental, we recommend booking an appointment for an in-depth checkup at least twice a year.

Keep Gum Disease Away

Gum disease refers to a type of gum inflammation. Plaque accumulation frequently causes it, and it can lead to all kinds of problems for people. Common signs of gum disease include pus, swelling of the gums, red gums, teeth sensitivity, discomfort during the chewing process, persistently awful breath, teeth looseness and bleeding gums. If you fail to take care of gum disease, you may develop a more severe infection that’s called periodontitis.

If you visit the dentist for checkups on a routine basis, your doctor will be able to identify whether or not you have gum disease. Prompt treatment can often stop gum disease from worsening and getting out of hand.

Help You Look Your Best

Woman smilingStaying healthy is important, but looking great is always a nice bonus. Routine dental hygiene appointments can help you keep your teeth white. If you want your teeth to look clean, frequent cleaning sessions are imperative.

Cleaning your teeth at the dentist can help with noticeable staining. Many things can trigger staining and discolouration in teeth, such as tobacco, wine, tea, coffee and soft drinks. There are even various medications that can lead to teeth staining. If you want to impress people with cleaner, whiter teeth, you must attend regular checkups. We also offer teeth whitening solutions.

Regular Checkups Can Stop the Loss of Teeth

Missing teeth can make life more difficult in numerous ways. It can negatively affect your smile, make you look older, and can make chewing food during mealtime much trickier as well. If you fail to meet standard dental hygiene levels, you may make yourself more vulnerable to severe forms of gum disease. This kind of gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth, as plaque makes its way over to the teeth roots.

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Dr. Jack Brazel

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