Dr. Jack Brazel

Dr. Jack Brazel is a highly qualified dental professional who has been providing exceptional dental care services for over ten years in Perth. Jack earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Leeds University, U.K., and then completed a vocational training year in Yorkshire for the National Health Service. Following that, he worked in private practice in Manchester, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for general dentistry.

In 2013, Jack made the move to Perth and quickly established himself as a top-performing dentist in the area. He has been committed to providing personalized care and maintaining a high standard of excellence in his practice ever since. In August 2017, Jack took over the reins of 123 Dental and has continued to build on the practice’s long-standing reputation for quality dental services.

Jack’s areas of expertise include full mouth rehabilitations, cosmetic dentistry, and Invisalign (invisible braces). He is passionate about improving patients’ smiles and enhancing their confidence through his work. He is also dedicated to lifelong learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques. He completed a residency program in Prosthodontics in Queensland, and is currently completing a diploma in digital orthodontics in Sydney, which has further expanded his knowledge and expertise.

When he’s not practicing dentistry, Jack enjoys a range of sports, including soccer, tennis, and golf. He is also an avid photographer and loves to capture beautiful moments and scenery through his camera lens. Jack’s diverse interests and passions make him a well-rounded individual and an asset to the 123 Dental team.

A Message from Jack:

There’s nothing I love more than watching a patient who was previously terrified of the dentist walk out our doors with a smile on their face. Honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying in the world.

Like the other dental professionals here at 123 Dental, I truly care about my patients and do everything possible to ensure they are at ease and receive nothing but the best care while they’re here.

My patients are more than just numbers. I’m actually interested in who they are, their families, and what’s happening in their lives. In other words, I’m a listener. I feel it’s important to really listen and observe. By doing so, I’m able to relate and have more of a profound impact in their lives.

I’m also guilty of being a perfectionist. Whatever it is, it has to be right. While this can sometimes be a bad thing, depending on who you ask, it’s great news for you and your teeth!

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