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Ways to Beat Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is not only unflattering, but it can also be an indication of a more serious dental issue. There are many factors that contribute to bad breath including: Certain foods and medicines Dry mouth Tooth decay Gum disease Smoking However, provided your condition is not a result of a more […]

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better for Kids?

Just as important as keeping your child’s teeth clean, and ensuring you begin brushing their teeth as soon as the first tooth appears, is selecting the right toothbrush designed especially for their tiny teeth. There are two types of toothbrushes for children: manual and electric, which has many parents baffled over which is best. However, […]

What Sugar Does for Your Teeth

Tooth decay is the leading cause of dental issues in Australia. In fact, reports show that over 80% of adults will experience tooth decay sometime during their lifetime [1]. When a tooth is regularly exposed to acid, it results in repeated attacks on the hard, outer layer of the tooth, also known as the enamel, […]

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